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At the age of eleven, Megha was a victim of child sexual abuse, the abuse of which continues to destroy her adulthood. To get rid of it, she travels to a place where she rises above the body and society. But the journey exposes her to such truths, which question her existence and her dignity. Vaham, an anthology novel, is the thrilling and profound inner-mind journey of three different generations who, instead of searching for their true happiness, become instrumental in discovering a new world in humanity’s darkness. The plays of various generations function as a perfect mirror, reflecting the harsh realities of their critical phases, which are universally true in the inner world. Coincidentally, those characters meet each other in different forms, at different places, and for different reasons, in which their own desires and fears are also included. Then comes a turn of events where they realise their mistakes and, in a dramatic turn of events, discover another aspect of life that allows them to live life without error. But it is too late for some, who lose their families and dreams. As a result of that delay, someone discovers the meaning of their life. So, someone gets relief from her mental harassment.

Written by – Satish Dev Narayan

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