Satish Dev Narayan

Founder & CEO

Welcome to Pichhala Steps, where stories come alive through the art of visual storytelling and literature. Founded and led by Satish Dev Narayan, we are a cultural studio and digital literary organization dedicated to empowering aspiring writers, filmmakers, content creators, and social entrepreneurs in India

Satish Dev Narayan is the Founder and CEO of Pichhala Steps, a biographical storytelling cultural studio and digital literary organization. He has created to help aspiring writers, filmmakers, content creators and social entrepreneurs of India, where it provides an opportunity to connect with successful literary and screenwriters, filmmakers, and social entrepreneurs of India.

Satish’s specialization in Screenwriting, Non-fiction Filmmaking, literature and social entrepreneurship within digital filmmaking showcases his passion for telling compelling stories and exploring societal issues through the medium of visual storytelling and literature. by focusing on these subjects, he demonstrates a commitment to using his modern screenwriting and filmmaking skills to drive positive change and raise awareness.


Our vision, is to bring together highly respected professionals in the fields of writing, filmmaking, literature, and other areas of expertise. to provide the aspiring youth with a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and moral education. By doing so, we aim to empower them to make informed decisions and become exemplary individuals in their own right. 

At Pichhala Steps, we believe in the power of collaboration and diversity. By bringing together professionals from different backgrounds, we offer a range of perspectives and experiences that can enrich the learning process. This collaborative environment encourages personal growth and professional development, allowing participants to expand their horizons and explore new possibilities.  Our dedication to the youth and aspiring individuals reflects our commitment to shaping the next generation of talent and leaders. Through Pichhala Steps, we provide them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and guidance to navigate their chosen paths successfully. By fostering their growth and instilling confidence, we enable them to make meaningful contributions to their respective fields.