PICHHALA STEPS is an indie media culture lab and digital literary organization. Pichhala Steps brings together highly respected professionals in the fields of writing, filmmaking, literature, and other areas of media of expertise. to document their personalities and the journey of their achievements to learn and provide aspiring youth and society with a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and moral responsibility towards society. By doing so, Pichhala Steps aim to empower
them to make informed decisions and become exemplary individuals.

Satish Dev Narayan is the founder of Pichhala Steps, an independent media culture lab. Satish’s specialisation in screenwriting, literature, and social entrepreneurship within Indie filmmaking showcases his passion for telling compelling stories and exploring societal issues through the medium of visual storytelling and literary content. He has created www.pichhalasteps.com to help aspiring writers, filmmakers, content creators, and social entrepreneurs in India. By focusing on these subjects, he demonstrates a commitment to using his modern screenwriting and independent filmmaking skills to drive revolutionary change in Indian cinema.