Genre: Period Drama, Patriotic Thriller

Premise: PALAYAN, is a historical period drama inspired by the R.I.N. Mutiny of 1946. That was the last war for India’s independence. Raghunath Rao, a British Naval Lieutenant, secretly trains twenty thousand Indians to fight against the British army and leads a rebellion against the British army by taking over the ships of the Royal Indian Navy. Palayan is the only battle fought by naval forces at sea for India’s independence and the second Sepoy mutiny after 1857, which forced the British to leave India before independence.

Genre: Socio-Political Crime Thriller
Written by - Satish Dev Narayan

Logline: A patriarchal-poor blacksmith father murders his teenage son, under the influence of bad company. and finds remorse and redemption in the mental asylum.

MITHYA, a hindi feature film
Genre: Mytho, Sci-fi Thriller

Logline: Four lives entwined in a dance of dreams and reality. A spiritual visionary, a social media sorceress, a ruthless tycoon, and a yearning yogini. But when their worlds collapse into a virtual realm, they face an existential truth: Are they the dreamers or the dreamed?

Gorilla Abhyarpan, a feature film
Genre: Socio-political, adventure Thriller

Logline: A teenage girl gorilla commander surrenders to police and exposes proxy Naxal movements while embarking on a perilous and violent journey to save herself and reveal the truth of the exploitation game of innocent tribbles.

VAHAM, a feature film
Genre: Socio-political, Psychological Thriller

Logline: In the heart of Mumbai, two souls, Megha seeking solace from her past and Shafiqul searching for meaning, collide in an unexpected journey. As they confront their deepest fears and desires, they are thrust into a world where reality blurs and consequences are irreversible. ‘The Podcast’ unravels the dark mysteries of human nature as two individuals navigate a path of self-discovery amidst the chaos of life.

The Freestyle goal, a feature film
Genre: Socio-political, Sports Thriller

Logline: A young Kashmiri girl, determined to break barriers in the world of soccer, discovers her true calling in freestyle football. But as she chases her dreams, she must confront her past and fight against injustice to prove herself on the national stage.