Satish Dev Narayan is the founder of Pichhala Steps, an independent media culture lab. Satish’s specialisation in screenwriting, literature, and social entrepreneurship within Indie filmmaking showcases his passion for telling compelling stories and exploring societal issues through the medium of visual storytelling and literary content. He has created to help aspiring writers, filmmakers, content creators, and social entrepreneurs in India. By focusing on these subjects, he demonstrates a commitment to using his modern screenwriting and independent filmmaking skills to drive revolutionary change in Indian cinema. At Pichhala Steps, we believe in the power of collaboration and diversity. By bringing together professionals from different backgrounds, we offer a range of perspectives and experiences that can enrich the learning process. This collaborative environment encourages personal growth and professional development, allowing participants to expand their horizons and explore new possibilities. Our dedication to youth and aspiring individuals reflects our commitment to shaping the next generation of talent and leaders. Through Pichhala Steps, we provide them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and guidance to navigate their chosen paths successfully. By fostering their growth and instilling confidence, we enable them to make meaningful contributions to their respective fields.

The best thing I liked about talking to Satish Narayan was that it was not an interview. It felt like I was sitting with a friend and sharing about my life through my work process. And this is the special thing about this show: in the PICHHALA STEPS, it was a very candid podcast. Which documents the guest process and actual success by observing their work and not just their success.

Namashi Chakraborty - Actor

Bed Boy, Bahar a Chaman Prakash, Imdb.

Pichhala Steps is a vital platform for aspiring filmmakers. I am very happy that Satish Narayan has documented the creative process and my learning process, not my fame and success.

Ida Ali - Actor and Filmmaker on Podcast

Lift, Thai massage, kidnap Uljhe huye

We know about actors because they are in the spotlight. But documenting the creative process of a writer or filmmaker, documenting their learning process, documenting their personal life—I think it is archival material. And this is a very new and very good initiative. Excellent work by Pichhala Steps and Satish Narayan

Kabeer Khurana - Writer, animator, Filmmaker.

Karma café, Dali, religion for dummies, wallpaper, hang out.

I am very thankful to the Pichhala Steps and Satish Narayan, who are educating those people through this platform. And it is not easy to do. It will work like a film school for those who want to make a career in the film or media industry.

Pratik Rajen Kothari - Actor- filmmaker

Hello hello, shor se shuruaat, sheri, Pikaabo

This program of Satish Narayan and Pichhala Steps is very beneficial for the cinema community, and I think it will work as a film school in India for film students.

Kanu Behl - Film Maker

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye, LSD, Titli, Agra, Despatch

Pichhala Steps, is a platform where the creative process of filmmakers and their life journey is documented in deeply. I hope that Pichhala steps, will become a source of education.

Chandan Kumar - Writer on Podcast

Panchayat, No. 1 Rating series, Amazon Prime

Satish Narayan is an emerging film writer and filmmaker. Who has created a very excellent platform. Behind the Scenes documents the creative process and learning process of filmmakers by observing their work.

Milind Ukey – Writer and Filmmaker

Pathshaala, Dehradun Diary, Ranveer the Marshal Art, Hanuman